First Menlo NYTS Tournament

On July 19th, the Menlo Polo Club held its first ever NYTS tournament. The NYTS (National Youth Tournament Series) is a series of youth tournaments around the country and the top representatives from each zone (the country is divided into 4 zones) play in a finals match. This year the finals are in San Diego over labor day weekend. This qualifier gives kids of all levels the opportunity to show case their playing skills, in hopes of being selected for the finals.


We were lucky enough to have two very talented teams in our qualifier! Thanks to Megan Judge and her girls for driving up from Slo, Raenna Magill from driving from up north! Thanks to our generous sponsors: Jef and Katie, Lyn and Hershel, and Sinead and Sothebys. Thanks to our volunteers: Dan, Tracy, Lynn Thompson and Jef for keeping scoring and selecting all stars. Thanks to Erik for umpiring. Thanks to Josie Vidic for coming from the USPA to make sure everything was in order. And thanks to all the grooms, parents and friends for making it happen! 

Team Barrossa won with a final score of 2-1!!!



Team Sothebys:

Nicolas Palomarez, Raeann Magil, Petra Teixeira, and Jillian Tietje



Team Barrossa:

Cassidy Wood, Farris Scott, Tommy Costello, Jim Wright and Jef Graham




NYTS all Stars:

Raeann Magill, Jillian Tietje, Lynn Thompson, Jim Wright, Tommy Costello




Best Playing Pony: Nube owned by Jillian Tietje



Group Shot




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