Menlo logo FINAL green extractedFounded in 1923, the Menlo Polo Club is one of the oldest polo clubs in California.  As a member of the United States Polo Association (USPA) the club plays as part of the USPA Pacific Coast Circuit, which is largest of the 13 Circuits that make up the USPA. Encompassing the state of California, the Pacific Coast Circuit is home to 34 clubs and over 525 registered polo players.

The Menlo Polo Club offers beginning and advanced polo.  New players can get a start with polo with individual or group instruction from club professional and manager, Erik Wright.

Menlo Polo Club members are also affiliate members to the Menlo Circus Club. In addition to club chukkers and tournaments held on the Menlo Circus Club polo field, members can also enjoy lunches and dinners from the Sideshow Restaurant on polo days. Menlo Circus Club member, Lyn Jason Cobb, is president of the Menlo Polo Club.



Games are played at the Menlo Circus Club, 190 Park Lane, Atherton, California.